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a3i global aeronautics advisors is a Veterans Administration certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB). a3i global is an innovative service-oriented company that specializes in partnering with our clients to achieve quantifiable results. a3i global is a boutique business management consultancy specializing in highly demanding, sensitive, and confidential projects within the airport, aviation, and commercial aerospace sectors. We cater to our partners needs in a personalized manner and pride ourselves on our ability to offer benchmark service.

Companies strive to be competitive. The challenges and complexities of 21st Century business require new and innovative approaches. By seizing upon timing, placement and need we orient industry and community with opportunity. Leveraging success in a competitive environment is the foundation of a3i global.



Decision-making occurs in a recurring cycle of observe-orient-decide-act. An entity that can process this cycle quickly, observing and reacting to unfolding events more rapidly than an opponent, can thereby "get inside" the opponent's decision cycle and gain the advantage. The same cycle operates over a longer timescale in a competitive business landscape, and the same logic applies. Decision makers gather information (observe), form hypotheses about customer activity and the intentions of the competitors (orient), make decisions, and act on them. The cycle is repeated continuously. The aggressive and conscious application of the process gives a business advantage over a competitor who is merely reacting to conditions as they occur, or has poor awareness of the situation. The approach favors agility over raw power in dealing with human opponents in any endeavor.

Our works' foundation utilizes a thought system originally applied to the combat operations process. It is now often applied to understand commercial operations, learning processes, and has become an important concept in litigation, business, and military strategy.